Level One Pettiness

April 19, 2010

Tonight I was bed ready at 8.

It was one of the times where I really didn’t get enough sleep the night before, and then to make up for lost sleep, i’d start sometime between 7 pm to 8 pm, and wake up refreshed in the morning.Well, that’s the theory…

So much for theory.

The practice is somewhat different. I went to bed at 8, and was asleep when about 20 menit after 8, I heard obnoxious, loud noise coming from in front of my room.

The tutoring had begun.


The downside of living in a boarding house? It’s a boarding house. Means there are other boarders beside you. And some of the boarders are stupid high-school student who need private tutoring so they don’t flunk high-school math/physics/chemistry.

Yeah, I had a tutor, too in high school. But it was five or six tutors for more than a hundred student, and the fee is cheaper than my high school tuition and I didn’t have to had everything explained to me in a dumbed-down manner and in obnoxiously loud voice!

A lot of my fellow boarders are actually high school student and almost all of them had tutor over and the tutoring went on in front of my room. Wonder what is fucking wrong with their own room.

But their tutor was this one guy, who I had met since I moved in, and his voice was not loud. Well, I can still hear him in my room, but it was more like a whisper. This other teacher came with a new girl that just moved in, and his voice? I can hear all the emphasis used. Like tonight? He was teaching about mirrors, lenses, and fob, and sok. Whatever, SOB.

So I was awoken, only 20 minutes after I slept. Then I opened the door, looking for the ‘Hey-someone’s-in-there-even-though-the-light’s-out-must-be-because-she-was-asleep-let’s-keep-our-voices-down. And did it succeed?


Then I got frustrated and started playing music. And turned the volume to maximum.

Hey, two can play this game.

Somewhere between the sixth or seventh song, I get creative and started to lower the volume and max-ed it in the refrain. One of my favorite song was “Shut Up” (Simple Plan).

Yea, I can be very petty at times…


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