Caffeine Cures Headache!

April 6, 2010

It’s 15 minutes to 3, in the morning.

Yes, the morning where everyone is asleep. Everyone except for owls, burglars, children who wore awoken by nightmares, people who are in the middle of a Grey’s Anatomy DVD-marathon, super-secret spy, people who live in the other side of the globe where it’s still mid-day, and people who took a pill for headache.

The pill for headache contains not only 500 mg of acetaminophen-slash-paracetamol, but also a peppy 65 mg caffeine.

Western medicine is so advanced.

What next, they’re gonna put sildenafil citrate in cough syrups?

Yeah, next time I ran out of coffee, I’ll just take one of the pill.

Yay for happy, bouncy, insomniac me!

Bye now, gonna try counting sheep.

Oh, by the way, sildenafil citrate? Viagra. In case ya don’t know… Lack of sleep makes people do and say and write ridiculous stuff.


2 Responses to “Caffeine Cures Headache!”

  1. Edo R. Jallil Says:

    humm.. trying not to exceed the 300mg limit =p
    soalnya biasanya g minum kopi tukang ojek, isinya udah 150mg.. haha..

    • Vie Says:

      jah…beda kali pharmacy-grade caffeine, yang harusnya udah diekstraksi dan murni, dibandingin ama kopi tubruk…biarpun kandungannya lebih gede tapi lebih susah diserap tubuh? *sotoy*
      gyahaha…yang pasti minum kopi jg gw tetep tidur…minum panadol malah ga bs tidur

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