Yippie Yippie Yay!

March 5, 2010

Yes, I am happy.

After spending all night with my eyes wide open, I finally get my test results.

“Test results” sounded like a pregnancy test or an HIV test, huh?

But no, twas that English test I thought I botched up.

Last night I turned off the lights, covered myself with blankets and pulled Forrest the Basset hound with the sad eyes. Then I closed my eyes, only to open it again within the next thirty seconds. Anxiety came washing. I’m not really confident with how I did. What if I get a 5?

After that my eyes are wide open. Until three in the morning.

And that’s how I overslept and missed class.

But I got the results at one o’clock, and I got an 8.

Quite satisfactory, won’t you say?

Yeah, not bad.

*Victory dance*

Yes, prayer works! Now let’s pray that I got crowned Miss Universe. XD

No, forget that. Pray that I got a scholarship to France. See, my wishes aren’t exactly unrealistic, right, Dad? =)

8.5 for listening, 8.5 for reading, 7.5 for writing, and 7.5 for speaking.

Thanks, Marge! 😉


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