March 2, 2010

They say that when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

I say squeeze the lemon, aiming the juice to their eyes.

Whoever they are.

Who are they anyway? To act wise and say wise things??!!

Well, first there’s the vicious deadlines that I can’t seem to keep up with.

Then there’s the oblivious person whose thoughts I can’t make out.

Then there the obnoxious person who I shouldn’t have told anything to at all.

And on the top of it all, prospective company rejects my application.
*I ran out of -ous adjectives.  One more thing to be blue about. =(

Well, no used crying over spilt milk.

Again, they said it.

I’m still feeling blue.

And felt like crying.

I know what might make me feel better. Throwing lemon juice at the obnoxious person, for one.


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