So today concludes my IELTS test, with a last section: speaking.

I was given a time slot at 10.40 at first, but because I have class, I asked for a switch.

So at 11.45 I entered the examination room and met Marge.

Her name was Marge Something, I cannot remember. Let’s just call her Marge.

Marge the nice, super skinny lady who laughs a lot.

She started with the easy part, and asked me things about myself. In particular, where I live (‘boarding house’), do I like living there (‘yes, it’s close to the university and to a department store’ LOL), how is the condition in that area (‘very crowded on Saturdays and Sundays, thanks to the people from Jakarta). And then she asked me about the custom in Indonesia, whether young people tend to leave home or stay there, whether Indonesian people tend to buy their homes or rent, and somehow, despite my shyness 😉 I managed to blabber away. I talk about how people will not learn to take care of themselves if they stayed home with their parents, but of course there are also advantages to living at home, such as people will do your laundry, make sure you eat three meals a day. I haven’ t talked that much to a stranger.

Of course it might have something to do that I paid USD 180 for this test, and it is not a very wise thing to seal your lips at times like this.

Well, my father paid USD 180. Still…

Part 2 is where I get a topic, and 1 minute to think about what I’m going to say and 1 to 2 minutes to talk about that topic.

And part 3 is discussion topic, supposedly connected to the topic in part 2.

But somehow, while I described a person I lived with, she started discussing fashion with me. Well, she did ask several questions related to part 2, like: do you think you are an easy person to live with? (‘yes, of course’ XD).

Fashion? Is it that obvious? Am I that obvious?

And so I blabber about Indonesian people’s sudden interest in batik.


I did ask her at the end, “How did I do?”

She said very well, but she could be very well telling a white lie.