Interview With The Scholar

January 25, 2010

I was some sort of celebrity once.


That was really an exaggeration.

A local newspaper wanted to interview me after I was named Miss Universe won a bronze medal in Chemistry Olympiad.

The questions was really standard, like “Who is the person who supported you thoroughout everything?” (Duh??!! You can never answer this one wrong. Parents, teachers, family…and if you feel like it, add friends. LOL)

Then came an unexpected question:

“Who is your favorite chemist of all time and why?”

It really got me thinking. I could’ve said Dalton, but I don’t even remember Dalton’s Law. I could’ve said Marie Curie for discovering radioactivity, but it would be really common. So I remember one of my friend’s favorite character, and said it: (yeah, so I plagiarized)

Warner Heisenberg.

For his works in quantum mechanics.

Except that he turned out to be a physicist. x___x

Heisenberg is best known for his uncertainty principles in quantum theory. And his first name is Werner.

At least nobody reads that paper anyway.

*Sadly, this is a true story*


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