Love Knot

January 10, 2010

A love knot was originally a complicated knot tied by sailors to remind them of the bond with their loved ones when away from home. Typically consisting of two pieces of rope bound together, they were thought to possess much good luck for anyone who could tie them.

In the 18th century it became popular for people to draw intricate patterns during courtship. The more complicated the design, the more that person loved. These also became known as love knots, or lover’s knots.

A love knot in jewelry terms is made of three or more intertwined loops of metal that are flattened after being assembled together. Vesper’s Algerian Love Knot is made of 4 rings of metal with an intricate Arabic design.

You might ask, “Who’s Vesper?”

Eva Green as Vesper Lynd

Eva Green as Vesper Lynd

Vesper Lynd is a fictional character of Ian Fleming’s James Bond novel Casino Royale. In the 1967 film of Casino Royale she is played by Ursula Andress. In the 2006 film of the same name she is played by Eva Green.

Vesper is Bond’s first romantic interest as presented in Fleming’s original novels. Other than Bond’s future wife Tracy, she is the only woman in the series to whom Bond proposes.

Vesper Lynd is a pun on West Berlin. Like her namesake, the Cold War-era city of Berlin, Vesper’s loyalties are split down the middle. In the 2006 film version of the novel, Vesper Lynd is a foreign liaison agent from the HM Treasury’s Financial Action Task Force assigned to make sure that Bond adequately manages the funds provided by MI6. However, she is secretly a double agent working for Quantum. She is extorted into this role by a threat to her boyfriend Yusef’s life. The necklace she wears depicts an “Algerian love knot.”

This love knot has been the object of my obsession of late. LOL

Algerian Love Knot

Algerian Love Knot

There’s just something…indescribably attractive about this necklace. It supposed to represent eternal love, since it’s made up of rings that has no end.

But to think about it again, it also has no beginning.


Compare with Claddagh Ring that Angel gave to Buffy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh ring (Irish: fáinne Chladaigh) is a traditional Irish ring given as a token of love or worn as a wedding ring. The design and customs associated with it originated in the Irish fishing village of Claddagh, located just outside the city of Galway.

The Claddagh’s distinctive design features two hands clasping a heart, and usually surmounted by a crown. The elements of this symbol are often said to correspond to the qualities of love (the heart), friendship (the hands), and loyalty (the crown). The expression which was associated with these symbols in the giving of the ring was: “With my two hands I give you my heart, and crown it with my loyalty.” Yet, the expression, “Let love and friendship reign forever” can be found as another meaning for the symbols.

The way that a Claddagh ring is worn on the hand is usually intended to convey the wearer’s romantic availability, or lack thereof. The ring is worn on the right hand with the heart facing outward to show that the wearer is not romantically linked but is looking for love. When turned inwards, it is shown that the wearer is in a relationship, or their heart has been “captured”. Noting that the heart is pointing down the hand and into the veins which lead to the wearer’s heart. The ring worn on the left hand with the heart facing outward shows the wearer is engaged; turned inward indicates the wearer is married.


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