When are they ever gonna learn…

December 10, 2009

…and stop humiliating us?

Ada ‘Obama’ di Menteng

Taman Menteng punya anggota baru. Sebuah patung perungu bocah Obama diresmikan 10 Desember kemarin untuk mengingat Presiden Amerika Serikat yang pernah tinggal di daerah tersebut.


They’ve erected a statue of Barack Obama in Jakarta. Not that I’m not a fan of Mr. Obama, but hello? He’s the president of the United States and last time I checked, Indonesia is not in any way affiliated with America.

Even Americans aren’t building a statue for Obama, and Indonesians are?

And Indonesians are always wondering why they are always behind.

“It’s to inspire the children and teachers all over Indonesia, that the education we give here can shape an amazing president.” -Silviana Murni, deputi major of Central Jakarta-

C’mon, who are you kidding. You seriously think that some low-level elementary school in Menteng really inspire him to be a president, rather than the Harvard Law School that he graduated from? Seriously. Have you seen the quality of Indonesian education? Stop embarrassing us.

The-woman-who-somehow-landed-the-job-as-the-deputy-major said that Obama knows a statue of him has been erected. And she said that Obama said that he is surely going to come and see the statue.

I can picture Obama laughing in the Oval Office.


2 Responses to “When are they ever gonna learn…”

  1. LV Says:

    Kejam sekale luuu. Hahahaha.. But really, uda biasalaaah kalau org suka sksd ama org terkenal. Padahal berapa taun lah dia di Indo. Plis de. And her quote…I really have no idea gimana bisa2nya dia keluarin statement begitu.. Why don’t we have statue of little SBY instead? Obama aja br memerintah, how do people know that he’s an amazing president.. bah.

  2. Vie Says:

    iya ya…bikin malu aja…
    di fb ada grup Turunkan Patung Barack Obama di Taman Menteng. hwahahaha…

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