He’s Just Not That Into You

December 1, 2009

Your Daily Wake-Up Call.

Gigi Phillips (Ginnifer Goodwin):
Girls are taught a lot of stuff growing up. If a guy punches you he likes you. Never try to trim your own bangs and someday you will meet a wonderful guy and get your very own happy ending. Every movie we see, Every story we’re told implores us to wait for it, the third act twist, the unexpected declaration of love, the exception to the rule. But sometimes we’re so focused on finding our happy ending we don’t learn how to read the signs. How to tell from the ones who want us and the ones who don’t, the ones who will stay and the ones who will leave.

I watched this movie a couple of months ago, and it’s hilarious. It’s basically about dating, but is woven beautifully from stories of people who are interconnected with each other. It’s also has a ensemble cast filled with stars: Ben Affleck as Neil, Jennifer Aniston as Beth, Drew Barrymore as Mary, Scarlett Johansson as Anna, Justin Long as Alex, Jennifer Connelly as Janice, Kevin Connoly as Conor, Bradley Cooper as Ben, and Ginnifer Goodwin as Gigi.

The movie starts in a playground, where a little boy hits a little girl. Her mother came to her and comforts her, saying that the boy might like her, that’s probably why he hit her. Then Gigi’s voice was heard, saying that that’s where all it started; a girl was taught a lot of things growing up; if a boy punches you, he likes you.

Then we watch as Gigi got rejected by Conor and met Conor’s friend, Alex. Alex told her that Conor’s just not that into her since he hasn’t called, otherwise he would have definitely made a move. He also tells her that she should stop thinking that she is an exception to this rule, and to stop obsessing over every “sign” that she might pick up on during a date. After several unsuccessful dates, Gigi started calling Alex during dates for advice. Gigi starts believing that Alex is interested in her because he is so willing to take a call from her (even when he’s busy at work, or is with a girl), and because she thinks Alex intentionally botched a blind date he organized for Gigi and one of his friends.

Alex then invites Gigi to a party he’s having at his apartment. Interpreting this invitation as an opportunity to “co-host” the party, Gigi helps make food for guests, and stays behind to clean up. When all the guests are gone, Gigi kisses Alex. Alex tells her he wasn’t interested in her romantically, and if he were he would’ve pursued her. Gigi tells him that even though she obsesses over everything and has embarrassed herself many times, she is closer to finding love than he is and is at least happy that she isn’t a bitter and cynical person like him.

Apart from Gigi, the other individuals’ stories aren’t really related to title. Janice is married to Ben, who is having an affair with Anna who is in a casual relationship with Conor, who then realises that Anna isn’t really into him and then started a relationship with Mary. Beth is Neil’s long-time girlfriend who just can’t wait for him to propose, while Neil claims that he is not the marrying type.

A bit confusing, huh?

And maybe a happy ending doesn’t include a guy, maybe… it’s you, on your own, picking up the pieces and starting over, freeing yourself up for something better in the future. Maybe the happy ending is… just… moving on. Or maybe the happy ending is this, knowing after all the unreturned phone calls, broken-hearts, through the blunders and misread signals, through all the pain and embarrassment you never gave up hope.


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