Hello Nasty…

November 28, 2009

People just keep coming up with absurd things.

Take Polly van der Glas, for instance. She is an Australian silversmith, qualified in 2006 and won the Craft Victoria Fillipo Raphael Fresh! Award upon graduation. For designing jewelry out of…

Human teeth and hair.

Nope, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you.

I have incriminating (and grossly gross) proof in the form of pictures:

Sterling silver human hair purse

Sterling silver human tooth stud earring

Plaited human hair loop earring

Sterling silver adjustable knuckle duster with three human teeth

Sterling silver human tooth hook earring

Oxidized cast human plait earring

Sterling silver signet human tooth ring

Sterling silver adjustable human tooth necklace

Sterling silver ring with three human teeth

All works are handmade in Melbourne, with sterling silver, human hair and human teeth. Human teeth are locally donated and sterilised, and human hair is either locally donated or sourced from India and China.

Teeth are particularly difficult to come by, so any donations are gratefully accepted.



What do you think?



2 Responses to “Hello Nasty…”

  1. rinalie Says:

    urgh.. wanna puke.. siapa yang mau pake anting gigi ya? geraham lagi gede2 gitu.. iyuhhh bgt tuh

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