Between Yarn and Scarf

September 25, 2009

*Inspired by Gunawan Tanpanamabelakang =]


I had a ball of yarn.

White of color, brand new, and thick.

I was going to make something out of the yarn.

A scarf, a hat, a muffler, a glove, a vest? The list goes surprisingly long.

I took my time in deciding what I’m going to crochet.

After some time I decide a scarf. It’s practical. What use have I of a muffler? Or a glove? True, they’re much fancier, but they’re also harder to make. Why bother, when I can make something simpler.

Am I right or am I right? =p

So I started crocheting.

Chain stitches.

First row.

Second row.

Until the n-th row, I stopped and took a look at my work.

It was lopsided.

Instead of being square and nice, it was rounded and did not look like a scarf at all. If I continue it, it will eventually turned out circular. Instead of scarf, I’m going to have a tablecloth. Gah.

I don’t know why. Perhaps I am not very good at crocheting. Perhaps I made a wrong stitch somewhere. Perhaps I used the wrong type of yarn. Or the wrong size needle.

Perhaps the yarn is onto me. LOL


I put it aside.

I don’t want to continue down this road where at the end of it I’m only gonna found a pair of blistered hands and a lopsided scarf. No one wants a lopsided scarf.

So I put it aside. I don’t have a scarf and I only got a part of my yarn. And I forgot about the both of them.

One day I opened my cupboard and there it was. My unfinished scarf, wrapped with the remainings of the yarn.

I took them, and I pulled the strings.

I figured if I am not going to have a scarf I might as well pull the unfinished scarf apart and take the yarn and turn it into something else. A flower, maybe. I probably can crochet a flower.

As I pulled on my unfinished scarf I got my yarn back. Only now instead of white yarn neatly tucked into a ball, I have a long string of yarn, now curled from the stitches I made long ago and piled up in one confusing, tangled heap.

So I started rolling the string. I pulled it, I straightened it, and I rolled it into the ball it used to be. At the end of this road, I’m going to have my ball of yarn, and I am going to make something out of it, only this time I’d be more careful. I’d stop at the end of a row and take a look at my work.


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