Life Lesson

July 13, 2009

Live and learn, so one says.

Life here has taught me one new thing today.

Be thankful.


And as always, I have some obscure reason behind this.

I am currently living in a very nice boarding house. With in-room bathroom even though it has no door. With air conditioning even though I have to pay for the electricity at the end of the month. With rice twice a day, morning and night. With laundry.

But it was a 25 minutes’ walk to factory, and another 25 minutes’ back.

Well, 20 ifyou can walk with an athlete’s pace. Or if you are really really really late. Which is usually it in my case. =p

So…to really live up to the zero calorie lifestyle -which means no calorie out in the form of exercise, working out, or WALKING, I went looking for a new boarding house earlier today.

I found one, which costs a quarter of the one I’m living in now. The room is a teeny bit larger than mine. It’s really just…


It has this smell…of really really really old house…like dampness, or fungi, or simply of depression. It kinda looked like it could fall down any moment.

Or I’m just exagerating, or imagining things, I don’t know.

But THEN, that’s not even the best part.

There’s the three communal bathroom for 20 boarders. Which smells horridly of public bathroom. You know, urine and all. I get the shudders just thinking about them now.

That’s not the best part either.

The cleaning lady showed me around the place, then there was this well. With a pail, and a wheel and all things I don’t know the name of that belongs to a hand-drawn well.

“This is for laundry.”

“Oh.” *an interested oh*

“Boarders do their own laundry here.”

“Oh.” *the I-understand oh*

“But for the bathrooms, the water is supplied from pipes.”


I couldn’t have gotten out of there faster.


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