Road Trip!

July 8, 2009

It’s election day!

So it is just natural to take a road trip to Bromo mountains! =p

The thing is, none of us can actually vote. No one had taken the trouble to take care of the papers needed (since we’re all not from East Java and now all of us are stranded in East Java…).

Besides, road trip beats election day anytime. =p

It started at 10 PM, from Surabaya to Gresik, and to Surabaya again (-_-“), and then Pasuruan.

At least I thought so. I was asleep pretty much the whole time. LOL

One thing I can tell you is, it’s really cold. Like really, really cold there, so it’s a good idea to wear gloves. And socks and SHOES. And really thick jackets.

I bought some ugly IDR5000 gloves from a kid there, but I didn’t wear shoes, so…

I kept thinking about those people whose toes just fell off from frost-bite. Yeah, I know that’s a little bit overreacting, but still, my toes are quite numb from the cold. I kept wriggling them, the image of the black, dead toes kept on playing inside my head. Talk about paranoia.

And one other thing I will definitely have brought, had I know it’s going to be that dusty: masks

Or just about anything to cover my nose and mouth with.

The path to the stairs that led to the top of the mountain is so dusty, and the horses that passed to and from the stairs didn’t help either.

All in all, it was an experience. The sunrise was beautiful after all. But it was not an experience I’d like to experience again anytime soon. Say…another three years? Or make it four.

Or five, come to think about it…


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