Measuring Maturity Through Clothes

June 13, 2009

I bet not a lot of people do that, so to show you just how shallow I am, let me tell you how I do it.

I had been doing quite a lot of focused shopping lately. Usually I scrambled from store to store, looking for nothing in particular and ended up buying things I never thought I’ll be buying when I walked out of my door that particular day. But not lately. Nope. Lately I’ve been trying on clothes that radiate professionalism. As I’ve said before, whatever I lack in knowledge, I made up in appearance. LOL

So, when I was in the fitting room of Secret, trying on a long-sleeved shirt and a high-waisted pencil skirt and thought to myself how I’ll never wear these set of working clothes since they are not age-appropriate for me, another thought occur to me.

They are age-appropriate. They are exactly the kind of clothes I should be investing upon, since I’m going to be needing them when I got an interview for a job. I am very close to being an adult.
And with that thought, a sort of pleasure washed through me, following closely at its heels is panic and its bastard brother, anxiety.

I have to find a job or a scholarship or -if everything else avails- a really rich husband. XD
I have to pay taxes, pay my own bills, make my own plans, decide where I want to go for holidays, whether or not to take a job…

It is fun to be in charge, but also scary, isn’t it?


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