Let the Laboratory Begins!

June 8, 2009

I never thought I was going to have to do the bioprocess laboratory twice…

The routine of dragging myself out from bed in the morning, getting to lab before 8 AM, having hurried lunch, writing almost everything in a hurry, then going home to do the pre-lab assignments and write journals for tomorrow, sleeping no sooner than midnight, then the dragging myself out of bed again, and the day repeats itself.

Vicious, vicious circle.

This time, let it begin, for this time around I’ll get to give the many pre-lab assignments, check the pre-lab test and -most importantly- draw the stars on the attendance list beside the name of the unfortunate who broke an equipment or left the Bunsen burning or score below 50 in pre-lab test. Nyah nyah nyah… =p


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