April 29, 2009

It’s a wonder what lack of sleep and caffeine can do to a person. For instance, this morning, I got up at 5. Not happily though. It was because I finally decided that Fairy Godmother is not going to come visit me and waves her magic wand, and “Voila!” my assignments are all done! Yea, sadly enough I have to do them. Plus, I never really like Fairy Godmother and I think the feeling is returned.

So I was making breakfast. Oatmeal with raisins and coffee.

Oh, and when I say “I was making breakfast” that means I’m heating up water in my electric water heater.

I was never a real fan of oatmeal. I never had oatmeal for breakfast when I’m living back home.  So why that tasteless thing? Well, I have family histories of atherosclerosis and diabetes. Life is about choices, right? And I’ve chosen diabetes.

So I poured the oatmeal into a bowl, the coffee into a cup, and reached for the raisins and pour a couple of them. Then in comes the hot water… And as I was stirring my cup of coffee, my spoon kept on stumbling into solid. It was weird, since I was making instant coffee, and it always dissolves right away. I peered into the cup and found that I had poured raisins into my cup instead of into the bowl.

With that, I gave up and went back to sleep…


4 Responses to “Breakfast”

  1. jessy Says:

    hahahhaha! 😛

  2. rinalie Says:

    ckckck.. johnner syndrome? hahahahaha..

  3. Tomy Ferdian Says:

    johnner syndrome ato okta syndrome?

    kopi pake kismis enak ga ya??

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