Fairytales 09

April 5, 2009

Madeleine and the grey-haired wizard walk back to the dwarf’s house, since the wizard says he’s too old to travel with the Babylon candle.

“I tried the candle, and I didn’t care much for it. I’d rather walk.”

Madeleine tries to point out that they have a little less than three days to find Frederick before he is turned into something hideous for the rest of his life, and it will all be her fault. At least people will blame everything at her. But the wizard is firm on walking. So they walk, and when they get to the house, there is a really old woman standing on the threshold, holding a red apple. She seems to be offering the apple to a woman, whose skin is white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony.

They watch as the witch bites a part of the apple, then the snowy young woman takes the apple, and bites the other side of it, and she falls to the ground. Seeing this, the wizard runs to the two woman, and quickly pins the witch to a tree nearby, and seems to tie her to it using a magical chain.

“How dare you!” cries the witch. “Release me at once!”

Madeleine walks to the woman lying on the threshold, and the dwarfs, who seem to be coming home from the mine, begin running towards the woman.

“Princess Snow White, Princess Snow White…,” they all cry simultaneously.

Madeleine takes a look at so-called Snow White, then puts her index and middle fingers on Snow White’s neck.

“She’s still alive,” says Madeleine, lifting the pale woman up to a sitting position. Madeleine then sits behind Snow White, rests Snow White’s head on her shoulder, then puts both her hands around Snow White’s waist and starts thrusting Snow White’s abdomen.

After a couple of failed attempts, finally Snow White gives a choke, and a lump of apple jumps out of her mouth.

The dwarfs sigh in relief, “She’s just choked,” says one of them.

Snow White blinks her eyes, and then turns her head around and sees Madeleine. “B-but…,” she stammers as she tries to find the right words, “But you’re not a prince.”

Madeleine rolls her eyes and stands up, causing the other princess to fall on the ground. The seven dwarfs quickly  hover around her to pull her up.

The witch, still tied to the tree, eyes Madeleine suspiciously. “You are the princess from the Farther Away Kingdom, not that white-faced idiot?”

“Where is Nathaniel?”

“I am honestly disappointed when that stupid girl wears my corset and faints. Just like that, too easy. Of course, those stupid dwarfs manage to save her. Then she goes and fall for the comb trick. And now the poison apple. But she always manages to get out alive, I give her that.”

“Tell me where Nate is, Harriet.”

“Why would I,” says the old witch, “Wait, I mean, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Who’s Harriet?”

“Do as she says, or…else,” says the grey-haired wizard, suddenly looking very menacing.

Harriet gulps, and then says, “All right, all right. But let me go first, so I can turn him back to human.”

The wizard points his staff to the tree, and Harriet is suddenly and magically turned loose.

Harriet then walks several feet into the Forest, and Madeleine and the wizard follow her. She comes to a tree where a white horse was tied, and when they come closer, the horse neighs loudly.

“Shut up, you bloody fool,” says Harriet, who then waves her hands over the animal, and it suddenly and magically turns into Nathaniel.

“There, I’ve kept my promise,” says Harriet.

“Wait, what about the prince?” asks Nate.

“You have to play fair, princess, and find the prince and kiss him,” Harriet laughs haughtily, then disappears.

“I can bring her back here if you wish, Your Highness,” says the wizard.

“No, I think I know where to find him,” says Madeleine.

(to be continued)


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