Politics and Campaigns

March 29, 2009

When it comes to politics, I know next to nothing. And saying that I care about politics is an overly-stated overstatement. For all I care, politics can crawl under a rock and vanishes off the face of the Earth.

Politics’ bastard cousin, however, I loathe.

The series of planned activities that are intended to achieve a particular social, commercial or political aim. In this case, it is clear that these activities strive to achieve political aims. The incessant parade of trucks with people in it, carrying flags with symbols and wearing matching shirts also bearing the same symbols with those on the flags. The loud, idiotic, embarrasing me as a citizen, but mostly annoying yells that’s supposed to be motivational, inspirational, or something in the line of that?

That’s correct. Campaigns.

I hate campaigns.

I especially hate politic campaigns in Indonesia. Politicians running for an office seems to use all kinds of disgustingly idiot approach to make their ways into the hearts and minds of people. It was amusing at first, but now I find it more and more degrading. Wearing superman’s costume? Using captions like “XXX Turun Gunung”?.

The candidate who uses the superman’s costume was quoted by the Straits Times, Singapore:

The fresh-faced 32-year-old, who is depicted as Superman on his posters with the tagline ‘Superoni’, said: “The public does not care about issues or programmes… As a candidate, you just want to stick out so they remember you on Election Day.

Those are such refreshing words, coming from a man who says he will do so and so for his country. Oh wait…he didn’t. He never said what he is going to do if elected, all he did was wear his underwear on the outside, and pose for a picture. Bet it wasn’t the poor guy’s fault, he just didn’t want to overwhelm our tiny teeny brains with issues or programmes. Heaven knows we are not smart enough.

Anyway, these idiotic acts make one hell of a traffic jam, and noise pollution. And eye pollution, seeing those people wearing those hideous shirts? This is actually why I hate campaigns. XD


2 Responses to “Politics and Campaigns”

  1. Alfonso Says:

    buat si ‘Superoni’… yah meskipun agak malu juga, tapi buat gw ya itulah kenyataan yang terjadi sekarang. emang rakyat (kebanyakan) udah ga peduli lagi kok sama caleg dan pemilu. yang penting ya biar diinget aja…

    makanya peduli sama pemilu, biar orang2 kyk gitu ga bisa ngomong seperti itu lagi… hahaha.

    ntar nyoblos nggak mbak?

  2. Vie Says:

    gw mesti ke soekarno-hatta, naik pesawat, nyoblos, trus naik pesawat lagi, nyampe jakarta, trus balik lagi ke sini, dalam satu atau dua hari?
    hmmm…i think i’ll pass…

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