Fairytales 06

March 27, 2009

“But princess,” Nate protests, “What of the fate of the prince?”

“Do you seriously think that I can save Frederick by kissing all those frogs!?”

Nate is silenced.

“I have a better idea. We’ll find Helga and asks her help. Now, are you with me?”

So off they go, to Helga’s Hut.

“I cannot help you,” Helga says once they enter her hut.

“I haven’t ask you anything, witch,” says Madeleine.

“Your Highness, I beg your pardon,” Helga bows, “you wish me to lift the curse casted on Prince Frederick. But I do not have the powers.”

“Why not? They say you’re the best.”

“Well, I am,” says Helga, ever the modestl girl, “but the curse can only be lifted by the person who casts it, milady.”

“I have to find Harriet?”

“That, or you can find the prince and kiss him. Or it, whatever form the prince is in.” says Helga, “It is a wiser choice between the two, Your Highness.”

“So you, too, suggests that I kiss every frog that has ever lived!?” a hysterical Madeleine asks.

“I sense that it is not a frog we are looking for,” says the witch enigmatically.

“Then what?”

“I do not know. Think, princess. What do you hate the most?”

After a long silence, Madeleine answers, “I really have no idea, witch. See, I pretty much execute anybody that crosses me, and also creatures that I hate, so you see I’m really at lost here.”

“Then I’m afraid I cannot help you, princess.”

“Can’t you read it in your cards or crystal ball or whatever?”

“Only you know your own heart, Your Highness.”

“Not even if I threaten to have you guillotined?”

“Not even if you threaten to burn me at stake.”

“Oh well, we haven’t gotten to that time where people burn witches at stakes, Helga.”

“But yes, there is one thing I can do for you,” she says, looking conspiratively at Nate.

“And that will be?”

“I can lift the spells I make when I bound you as infants.”

“What do you mean?”

“You are in love with the prince, yes?”

“Errr…well, I cannot think of any other reasons that would make me willing to kiss even one single frog. And you have no idea how many of them I’ve kissed.”

“And that may be my spell. I can lift it if you want me to.”

“Why would I want you to lift it?”

“So I take it that you will be satisfied to think you are in love for the rest of your life, although all the while it is only the works of magic?”

“Is that what it is?”

“We don’t know… And we won’t know unless you-“

“Fine, fine,” snaps Madeleine. “Please do. But I still have to figure out where Frederick is. For all we know there’s a huge possibility he’s being digested by a crocodile.”

Madeleine storms out of the hut. Nate follows shortly, after saying a silent ‘Thank you’ to Helga, who smiles ever so satisfied.

Meanwhile, Madeleine is walking into the Forest. Nate runs to catch up with her, and asks, “Where to, princess?”

“I don’t know, to find things I hate and kiss them?”

“We have seven days left, I reckon?”

“Eight, Nate.”

“I believe it’s seven, princess. And what is your plan?”

“I believe I don’t have one.” And Madeleine keeps on walking, further into the Forest.

(to be continued)


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