Fairytales 05

March 26, 2009

“It will seem, milady,” says the friar, “you have been left at the altar, although we are missing an altar to make that expression work.”

“Shut your mouth, Tucker.”

“It is Tuck, milady, and if Your Highness will allow me, I’d like to share my thoughts on this mat-“

The friar’s words are cut short by Madeleine. “You will keep your thoughts in your hear, because that is the reason you have that head. If you don’t put that head of yours to good use, I’m relieving the head from its duty. Am I making myself clear, Tucker?”

Friar Tuck gulps and nods ferociously.

Suddenly they hear sounds of someone walking in the Forest towards them. Madeleine’s face lit up. “Frederick?”

But it is Nate. “Princess, here you are. We are worried sick of you. Your Queen-mother is lying in her bed-chamber, moaning and crying all day and night, and your father has ordered every soul in the kingdom to look for you.

Hot tears come streaming down Madeleine’s cheeks. She is simply confused. Earlier she feels this irrational feeling supposedly called love, and it has came all too suddenly, just out of the blue. People do say that love is blind, blablabla… But whatever love is, it has certainly taken her off guard. And now the person who makes her feel that is gone, and she doesn’t know if she is ever going to meet him again.

Madeleine goes home to the palace with Nate, after giving the friar some gold coins. Her parents are outraged at her for running away and she is now locked up in her rooms, the windows now barred to make sure she doesn’t run away again. Her wedding has been put off without a new time frame, and she spents her days shedding tears on her pillows.

Three days after Madeleine escape, the king and queen of the Far, Far Away Kingdom come to the Farther Away Kingdom, bringing with them soldiers, and the queen’s ladies-in-waiting, and even a poodle. The royal couple looks angry, desperate, and sad at the same time.

Not a good combination.

“I demand to see your daughter,” says King Francis, while Queen Felicity quietly sobs, dabbing her eyes with a silky handkerchief.

“What is this madness?” asks King Marcus.

“She is responsible for my son’s missing.”

“Why, this is nonsense. My daughter is in her room as of now, and she has been in that room since the night she came back from-” Marcus stops. More wrinkles start to appear on his already wrinkled forehead. He clears his throat and calls Nate, “Tell the princess that I expect to see her immediately.”

Madeleine comes, her face sullen and her eyes red and swollen from crying.

“Where is my son!?” Francis roars.

“Well, I will also like to know where he is,” Madeleine snaps.

“Calm down, and let’s talk about this like civilized people,” says Marcus, “We’re royalties, for crying out loud.”

So Francis tells them that Frederick has gone missing for three days. “He was in his room, and the next thing we know, he wasn’t. The day this happens, Frederick tells me that he wishes to marry that wench,” Francis points his finger to Madeleine.

“I wonder…,” Marianne starts, dreamily, “Could it be…”

“Pray tell, my queen,” says Marcus, “What is it?”


Felicity lets out a gasp. “That curse,” she whispers.

Madeleine looks up. “What about it? What curse? Who is this Harriet?”

At that, the kings and queens speak up, in a chaos, explaining to Madeleine about the witches, the bond, and the curse. And from there a conclusion is drawn. It is this: The prince has turned into a frog.

“A frog?” asks a doubtful Madeleine.

“W-w-well, he is to be turned into something you hate,” sobs Felicity, “And what can a princess hate, but a frog?”

Madeleine is dumb-struck. Felicity starts sobbing noisily, “Oh, my poor son… Poor, poor cupcake…” while Marcus and Francis order their men to collect every frog living in the two kingdoms and miles around them.

The unwilling princess starts kissing the frogs one-by-one. Nothing happens until the hundreth-or-so frog.

Felicity shrieks.

“What now?” an annoyed Madeleine asks.

“You have to kiss it on the mouth,” says Felicity, “On their mouths, wench, not on their hides.”


Felicity nods vigorously and commands the servants to bring the kissed frogs back, so the princess can kiss them again.

Three days and no results later, the princess has had enough.

“No more frogs, Nathaniel,” says she to Nate.

(to be continued)


7 Responses to “Fairytales 05”

  1. Jnt Says:

    the friar is frederick?

  2. adit Says:

    janet gak penah baca fairy tales?

  3. Jnt Says:

    apa hubungannya dit?

  4. adit Says:

    tul2…dan dia cuma selingan aja di cerita ini, kan ceritanya pangerannya jadi binatang net…

  5. Jnt Says:

    kan ktnya jd yg plg dibenci.. jd lom tentu binatang kan?

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