Weather Report

March 24, 2009

“Any day I’m vertical
is a good day”
…that’s what I always say.

If you ask me,
“How are you?”

I’ll answer, “GREAT!”
because in saying so,
I make it so.

When Life gives me dark clouds and rain,
I appreciate the moisture
that brings a soft curl to my hair.

When Life gives me sunshine,
I gratefully turn my face up
to feel its warmth on my cheeks.

When Life brings fog,
I hug my sweater around me
and give thanks for the cool shroud of mystery
that makes the familiar seem different and intriguing.

When Life brings snow,
I dash outside to catch the first flakes on my tongue,
relishing the icy miracle that is a snowflake.

Life’s events and experiences
are like the weather –
they come and go,
no matter what my preference.

So, what the heck?!
I might as well decide to enjoy them.

For indeed,
there IS a time for every purpose
under Heaven.

And each season brings its own unique blessings.

-B. J. Gallagher-

I like this poem. Very…optimistic, sunny, very warm, and I love it, hence I’d like to share it with you. Yes, you! You, yeah you over there… Stop looking left and right, I’m talking to you! Yes you, no, not the person beside you… =)


4 Responses to “Weather Report”

  1. Jnt Says:

    thank u for sharing it with me..
    i love it too..^^

  2. rinalie Says:

    bener gt??? when the sun shines, you turn your face UP? The sun is ur best friend then? kyny gw pernah dgr the sun is ur biggest enemy deh. huahahaha

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