Fairytales 03

March 23, 2009

As soon as the shock wears off, the two Queens start to quarrel.

“My son is going to be turned into something undoubtedly hideous, but your daughter will be able to live like nothing happened?” Queen Felicity whispers, for queens are usually of a gentle nature and hence do not ever raise their voices, let alone scream or shriek.

“Oh, dear…I feel faint,” Queen Marianne laments as she sits down on the grass, forgetting all manners. “But surely you cannot possibly believe, my dearest Fel, that my daughter is going to fail to rescue your son?”

Queen Felicity snorts, as delicate as a snort can be, “What rescuing can a princess possibly do? Are you to say that I am to put the future of my son, the heir to our kingdom, into the hands of a young maiden, a princess none the less, making a spoiled and sheltered brat?

“Outrageous!” Queen Marianne exclaims. “And are you to say, then, that my daughter is to grow up a spoiled brat!?” The lizards, toads, and mice just look at the two of them, from Queen Felicity to Queen Marianne, Queen Marianne to Queen Felicity, holding their breaths. Not one of them dared to even so much as swished their tails or whiskers.

The two queens bicker, argue, and disagree on everything else but one: that their children must never meet. That way, they will never get the chance to fall in love, and hence the curse will be harmless.

Or so they think.

The queens separate thus, vowing never to let their children meet. They have made new plans to marry their children to another royalty, to ensure that the curse will never materialize.

And then, summers turn to winters and winters to summers, until one beautiful summer, Princess Madeleine has blossom into a beautiful rose. She is a briar rose, no less. Her exterior is sweet, like the pink petals of a briar rose, but as the briar rose is equipped with thorns, so is Madeleine.

She grows up headstrong, stubborn to the bone, mischievous and, true to Felicity’s “prophecy”, a royally spoiled brat (no pun intended :P). The only one who can control her is Nathaniel, who as a boy is her playmate and now is her bodyguard. Madeleine’s parents pretty much let her does whatever she wants, so long as she stays in the boundaries of the Farther Away Kingdom.

Madeleine, like previously planned, is bethrothed to another prince, from another kingdom in another land. But none of Madeleine’s many fiancés have last longer than a month. Either the prince is a pompous ass and Madeleine cannot stand him, or the prince is weak as a duckling and Madeleine cannot stand him. The princess is soon coming of age and her parents are starting to worry that no one will have her.

One day, after her Queen Mother summons her and scolds her for once again scaring away a respectable future husband, Madeleine set out to the Forest. The Forest lays in the border or Far, Far Away Kingdom and Farther Away Kingdom, separated by a wide river with flowing stream. When the queen and little princess came back from Helga’s Hut, the beautifully built bridge was cut down, so no one will ever cross it to go to Far, Far Away Kingdom, and vice versa.

The princess climbs her tree house, which Nate had built for her, and sits there, once again feeling sorry for herself, and she begins to let her hair down. The princess has such beautiful hair, strawberry blond in color and very soft, and also extremely long that it fell down like a waterfall, almost reaching the ground.

And then suddenly, a voice calls from among  the trees.

(to be continued)


7 Responses to “Fairytales 03”

  1. rinalie Says:

    gile.. sadako abis.. extremely long, almost reaches the ground??

  2. Alfonso Says:

    lanjut dunk… penasaran nie.. hahaha

  3. adit Says:

    ayo cepet lanjutin, hiburan di kala bikin laporan sial…hahaha

  4. rinalie Says:

    tapi kalo lu yg cerita terbaw2 kesan sadako u nov. peace2

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