Liking This

March 20, 2009

Aren’t they cute?


Some might say they’re odd, but I prefer “unique”.


They’re Oxford heels.


It’s a woman’s version of men’s shoes. First it’s trousers, then vests, oversized-shirts… Women are using their privilege of wearing pretty much anything they want. Only heaven knows what will happen should a man (normal man, not transvestite or the likt) step out of his house in women’s clothing, but women wearing men’s clothes? We even have a term for it: androgyny.


I can really walk tall in these. =)


The magenta Oxford heel above looks strong enough to be driven into someone’s skull. *evil laugh*

(I’m thinking of Jessica Sanders, from Heroes, in her elevator scene… Cool, intimidating, and really cold-blooded.)

So…Oxford heels…yay or nay?


10 Responses to “Liking This”

  1. steffi snape Says:

    YAY. I loveee oxford!

  2. astri Says:

    so not me
    except it comes with a bow, soft pink color and lace and don’t forget to make it flat…

  3. astri Says:

    heels hurt baby.. except i have sky high bf in my arm, i prefer flat.. ;p

  4. steffi snape Says:

    hmm, zara and marc jacobs have some kickass ones,, aside from shoes with funky heels, i think oxfords are widely popular too 🙂

  5. christine Says:

    Hi do you know where I can get them? the white and black oxford shoes?

  6. christine Says:

    need help looking for oxford shoes to buy in Singapore!

  7. Vie Says:

    sorry, i don’t have a clue where to find them in Sg…
    Steffi there said Zara and Marc Jacobs have some great ones, mayb you can try them first?

  8. Arina Says:

    Zara and Marc Jacobs have Oxford Heels!? I’ll check them out since I’m living in Singapore anyway! Been looking for a pair for quite some time 🙂

    Oxford Heels are simply, delightfully, gorgeous.

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