Ears of the Walls

March 13, 2009

Be careful what you say; the walls have ears.

This is a common English phrase, supposedly first recorded in 1620. It is said to come from a story about Dionysius of Syracuse (430-367 b.c.), who had an ear-shaped cave cut and connected between the rooms of his palace so that he could hear what was being said from another room.

When boys get together, they talk dirty.

So I’ve heard.

I’ve never observed the actual dirty conversation.

I didn’t know that they actually talk about people they know.

But don’t they know that the walls have ears?

That the walls can talk?

That the person talked about will eventually got word, and be pissed like hell?

Don’t they know that?

Don’t they use the brains God has given them? The common sense?

Then what exactly is the difference between them and primates?

A lot of people tells me to let it go. Try saying “It’s no big deal”, and I can just claw your eyes out. I am definitely not a saint, I sometimes can be a bitch, but I will not be talked about as if I’m the whore of the Babylon.


7 Responses to “Ears of the Walls”

  1. adit Says:

    sabar…sometimes men do things like that, well, just for fun
    yah kalo ini sih mayan keterlaluan,hahaha
    semangat yah ngadepinnya, klo bisa lupain ja
    rugi, ngabis2in space otak dan waktu,hehehe

  2. adit Says:

    koq terakhirnya bahasa indo sih???
    Padahal awalnya udah keren githu…


  3. Alfonso Says:

    try to look at it with another perspective… that’s all. sometimes there are many versions of truth and ours may not be the right one.

  4. Vie Says:

    to dit: fun yak? gosh, men? i rather think boys. boys sure does weird things to have fun…

    to nug: apa dong, “have you guys evolved, or what!?”

    to adri: perspektif yang mana? coba beritau gw satu perspektif di mana orang yang diomongin tidak dirugikan atau dihina. menurut gw itu insult loh…it is very demeaning…

  5. Alfonso Says:

    gw ga tau kasus persisnya sih, tp yg pasti klo lu pikirin ntr lu yg rugi sendiri jd beban, sementara pelakunya ga ngerasa apa2 dan malah hahaha hehehe kemana2.

    anggap aja pelakunya uncivilized, sementara lu kan udah beradab. inget, yg waras yg ngalah. udah tau orangnya gila, ga usah diladenin. hehehe.

  6. adit Says:

    setuju sama adri…dahsyat

  7. anonym Says:

    it means that talks dirty = have fun = tidak waras?
    pernyataan yg baik bung adit!

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