March 1, 2009

My surname is 黃 (huáng), which literally means yellow.

My name is 慧 (huì).

慧 means:
聪明 (cōng ming = 1.wise, 2.sensitive)
有才智 (yǒu cái zhì=having ability and wisdom)

慧 is used in the following words:
(cōng huì =bright;intelligent)
(zhì huì = intelligence)
(yǐng huì = intelligent;bright;clever)
(聪明而狡猾) (xiá huì =crafty and intelligent)
心 (huì xīn =wisdom; enlightened mind)

Waduh, sepertinya saiah keberatan nama… Seems I haven’t lived up to my name.


One Response to “Namesake”

  1. astri Says:

    lo pinter kok nov..
    pinter belanja..
    klo nama yg artinya shopaholic ada gak??

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