February 24, 2009

Had my first pre-laboratory of the semester.

My experiment: Ejector
Lecturer: Mr IN

Had an appointment at 09.00.
Showed up at his lab at 08.55, no sign of Mr IN

At 09.05, Mr IN walked through the front door of his office.
Walked in through the laboratory door, took off shoes and went inside.

He motioned us to a table with 4 chairs and a white board in front of it. The two of us (me and Dd) sat down, waiting for Mr. IN. He then came, put down a folder, and was about to sit down when his hands touched the table and then…
He took a pouch of tissues from his pocket.
Took out a tissue from it, and then wiped a small (really small) area of the table.

First question:
IN: Novi…
Novi: *gulp*
IN: What is an ejector?
Novi: *exhale* An ejector is blablabla…


IN: Dianti…
IN: What are the uses of an ejector?
Dd: An ejector is used in a condenser…

And then everything went quite smoothly, until…

IN: Novi…draw a scheme of the apparatus on the white board.
Novi: *walked super confidently, having drawn the apparatus on the laboratory journal*
*started drawing a blower, a nozzle, difuser…*

IN: No, I mean the whole apparatus that you’ll be using in the experiment.
Novi: *stopped dead*
*trying to remember*
*something about a thermocouple, an orificemeter…*

And then several minutes and several questions later:
IN: Now Novi…
Novi: *okay, what now…*
IN: So, explain how you’re going to do the experiment.
Novi:First we heat up the suction fluid, and then produced a high-pressure motive fluid with a blower. We then measured temperatures of the motive fluid, suction fluid, the mixed fluid and then the discharge using a thermocouple. We also measured the velocity of those said fluids with a venturimeter, and then…
IN: Venturimeter?
The girl who wished she had not said venturimeter: *shit* I meant an orificemeter, Sir. *smiled*
IN: Okay, just now you said venturimeter. What is a venturimeter?
The girl who cannot remember what a venturimeter is: Errr…

Well, at least Mr. IN is very patient.


2 Responses to “Pre-Laboratory…”

  1. Edo R. Jallil Says:

    wah . . wah . .
    ternyata g punya ksamaan ama Pa IN,,
    [malah senang]

    tp kalo g, bakalan g lap ampe kursi2 nya,

    itu pembicaraan nya pagi, kan?
    siang nya g pmbicaraan ama pa aza d situ jg
    tp yg siang ini pembc nya sangat diaaam -_-
    gada yg bs jawab
    tp ga apa2 ama pa aza yg baik, hehehe..

  2. Vie Says:

    untung gw laporan lengkap ama pak aza
    asiiik ^^

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