Headband, Anyone?

February 21, 2009

I’ve always have a thing for headbands, and Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf has made headbands even more alluring than ever.

One of the designers that made her famous headbands is Jennifer Behr.

See the pink orchid on skinny headband that Blair wore to Lilly’s wedding?

leighton_meester_300x400It was one of Jennifer Behr’s collection, shown below in neon, and it costs $225 an orchid. Quite a fortune for a headband, huh…
Plus, not every gal can pull off wearing a giant plastic orchid on her head. Unless that gal is Blair Waldorf, of course.


Blair also wore the headwrap below, a double rosette headwrap in royal purple. This one here costs $152.

jb-double-rosette-headwrap-in-royal-purple-152I heart this victorian crystal and silk satin headwrap in cream. Of course, it costs $182, but I heart it anyway.

jb-victorian-crystal-and-silk-satin-headwrap-in-cream-182This is a really plain headband, and while anyone can try convincing me to wear anything fluorescent (the shocking pink headband below is fluoro skinny headband, for $58), it’s not going to happen. EVER.

jb-fluoro-skinny-headband-in-shocking-pink-58OOOH oooh oooh… Me likey… =)
Petite crystal knot in antique crystal, $188. Not really practical to wear, but still…

jb-petite-crystal-knot-in-antique-crystal-188So…black widow? =)
Voilette headband in black, $165. Me likey…

jb-voilette-headband-in-black-165This last one is my favorite:

jb-pale-amethyst-crystal-and-satin-headwrap-228It’s a pale amethyst crystal and satin headwrap, $228.

For more headband galore, visit Jennifer Behr’s website here.


2 Responses to “Headband, Anyone?”

  1. stylesparkler Says:

    I love these headbands! I actually just wrote a post on Blair because she isn’t wearing headbands on Gossip Girl anymore! I really miss them. I started making my headbands last year because $180 for a headband is a lot. If you like Jennifer Behr you should look at MJ Trimmings they have great embellished ribbons that make wonderful headbands if you add some elastic.

  2. karla stefan Says:

    i love headbands too! ๐Ÿ™‚ i hope they don’t hurt as much. sometimes the best looking ones hurt like hell! ๐Ÿ™‚

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