Heart It!

February 20, 2009

Whimsical, colorful, and just simply heart-capturing.

No…, I’m not talking about me. =p

I’m talking about currently-Yogyakarta-based Ms. Ayang Cempaka’s handmade bags, totes, and wallets. She posted pictures of her crafts at her website.

Look at this bag for example:

bagI absolutely love the color, and the stitchings are simple, but intricate enough that creates a simple bag, yet not too simple that it’s plain.

And here’s another type of bags called Totesacs. They’re nice, but I must admit I was kind of baffled when I found of that I have to pay $59 to own one of these.


Love the color combo


I (heart) white bags...esp this one ^^

I (heart) white bags...esp this one ^^

Of course, there some of her products that I don’t like:pink-turquoise-cowmoo-tote-45That is the Pink-Turquoise CowMoo tote, at $45 a cow. While I might consider getting the tote with bird applique below for the same price of $45, I did not even think to intend to purchase the CowMoo (Maksudnya, no offense, tapiii empat ratus lima puluh ribu?).
IDR544500 sih sebenarnya berhubung rate hari ini IDR12100.


Me likey!

Me likey!

The tote with bird applique is actually brown, not gray. It’s something about the lightning… =p

Anyhoo…I love this one best:




It’s called cocoHobo, it’s a custom-made gift for her future mother-in-law, so it’s not for sale. *damn*

There might things that I miss, or things that’s not really my cup of tea but you might like, so check out the website. (Click here)


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