February 17, 2009

*Please understand if the contents of this post is…what’s the word…weird? I just had an equally weird day.*

You know Forrest Gump?

I named the latest addition to my boudoir, a Basset hound, Forrest. Forrest Wijaya.

011Well, see? He looks dumb (I decided it’s a male Basset hound). Those teary eyes; those stupid, teary eyes…

I adopted him from Riau Junction a couple of days ago. He had spent the last two nights somewhere on my bed, and in the mornings he was always on the floor. I wonder if he was making a run for it… But that’s impossible. Forrest couldn’t find another owner better than me, right?
Besides, he can never open the door. How is he ever going to reach the door handle? =p

021Then the other day, when I just got home, the dog was nowhere in plain sight. Then I looked closer, and found him hiding behind the pillows. Like I said, he’s not so bright.

“I can see you from here, Forrest…”
*dog whimpers*



The tag is still attached to his left ear


Forrest and the pink piggy

Ah! The pink piggy by the name Viola. I now have four dolls in my room, and every one of them is a freebie. =p

I got this weird green deer from Timezone. You know, from the doll-catching machine.


Hans the weird green deer, named after Hans Christian Andersen.

And there’s the pink piggy with the pink ribbon.



After the pink piggy, I got a blue hippopotamus, also from the machine in Timezone.


Rina the blue hippopotamus

Gosh, I’m such a cheapskate. =p


5 Responses to “Forrest”

  1. rinalie Says:

    me?? hippo?? grrrr…

  2. rinalie Says:


    • Vie Says:

      yang namanya rina emang cuman situ?
      tapi yaaah…if you insist,, ya udah dhe,, daripada situ marah-marah…iya, emang she’s named after you

  3. rinalie Says:

    uhh… tar boneka ikan gw gw kasi nama novi. =(

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