Destiny With A Sense of Humor

February 4, 2009


Can once in a lifetime happen twice?

Jonathan Trager (John Cusack) and Sara Thomas (Kate Beckinsale) met on a crowded shopping day in winter, sometime near Christmas. They had reached out for the same pair of black cashmere gloves in Bloomingdale’s at the same time. They were instantly attracted to each other, and they spent the evening together, even though both were in a relationship. They roamed Manhattan, including stopping for a meal at a restaurant named Serendipity.

They enjoyed themselves tremendously, but the night eventually ended, and the two are forced into determining some kind of next step. Jonathan suggested exchanging phone numbers, but Sara proposed allowing fate to take control of their future. Sara wrote her name and phone number inside her old copy of Gabriel García Márquez’s Love In The Time of Cholera, saying that she’s going to sell it to a used-book store. She then asked Jonathan to write his name and phone number on a dollar bill, which she then used to buy gum with. She said that if they’re meant to be,they will find their way into each other’s life again.

The night finally ended in them taking another chance at fate, at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel. They got into two separate elevators, and Sarah said that if they’re meant to be, they’d chose the same floor and meet. They actually did choose the same floor, but Jonathan got in the same elevator with an overactive kid who pressed all the buttons on the shaft and caused it to stopped.

Sarah went home, and they didn’t meet again until seven years later. They were both getting married. Jonathan, however, was still thinking about and looking for Sarah and he had went to all the used-book store in town to find that copy of Love In The Time of Cholera. The majority of the film then consists largely of repeated “almost coincidences” (hence the title) where the two romantic leads almost, but not quite, meet. (One character is seen walking in to one door of a building at the exact same instant as the other character walks out of a different door in the same building, etc).


I had wanted to watch this movie for quite a long time, but I can’t find it. So last holiday, I conversationally told my eldest sister about the movie and she went, “What, Serendipity? Blah.”

But what do you know, the next night she shoved me the Compaq, which was playing a movie. Yeah, it’s Serendipity. She downloaded it for me.

Isn’t it kinda sweet, how she’d pirated a movie for me? XD


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