Die Hard 5.0

February 1, 2009

My laptop is the John McClane of laptops.

She was purchased about two and a half years ago. Had been a subject of attempted burglary once, resulting in the burglar dropping her onto the hard, cold concrete floor. She had been attacked with many viruses, and twice her system was so down she had to be taken to the service center.

And then, last holiday when I went home, I dropped her.

My father picked me up from the airport, a little past one o’clock. I had my laptop in my bag, which was filled to its capacity with my wallet, my thick volume of Gone With The Wind, tissue, and the most important thing of all: my itinerary.

So when I got into the car, naturally my bag wasn’t zipped. I had to take my itinerary out to show the airport officer my baggage ticket. And I usually never zipped my bag anyway.

We arrived at our house after a short 10-minutes ride, since my house is considerably close to the old airport (the new one is currently being built, is located at Kuala Namu, which is much much further from my house). I got down, forgetting that  I had placed my bag on my lap. And I didn’t bother to grab the straps.

And so the laptop fell from my lap straight to the bricks that covered the ground in my neighborhood.

Right in front of my father’s eyes.


I quickly picked it up, but the damage is done.

Me: … *looked up at Daddy*
Daddy: *looked at the laptop in bag, and then to me*
Me: *made I’m-your-youngest-daughter-who’d-been-away-from-home-this-past-six-months face*
Daddy: … Can’t you be more careful?
Me: *gulped*

Lucky for me, though, my father seemed to think that all this happened because I didn’t zip my bag, not because of pure clumsiness.

After that, laptop decided to pout. I pressed the on/off button, and the screen stays black and blank.

Then we decided to take it to the service center, for the third time.

Earlier on I was scheming a plan to propose a switch between our new family laptop and my old one (recently we sold our desktop and bought a 14″ Compaq). But after dropping my laptop on the street like that? I’d get 4 pairs of deathly stares before I can finish saying “Let’s switch laptops” (naturally, my mother would never stare at me).

The customer service at the service center assured us that laptop’ll be fine again and we can take her home on December 30th (since I’m heading back to Bandung on January 3rd, we need some reassurance; when I said we, of course I mean my father). She (the CS) said she’ll call once she got the spare part (we’re told we had to replace the LCD) since my laptop is an old type and they don’t produce this type anymore, it’ll be kind of hard to get a spare part.

When we didn’t hear from her days after our visit, my father had me hound the poor girl. I called her everyday until she told me that she hasn’t got any confirmation from Jakarta and she can’t guaranteed that laptop will be fixed by January 31st (we’ve prolonged the deadline, since everything looked so not promising).

So we went to the service center again on January 31st, and they took laptop out from the backroom in a blue bag. Turned it on. Nothing happened.

… (By this time I was still crossing my fingers that dear Daddy is going to offer an upgrade to, let’s see, MacBook? *wink wink* LOL)

Turned out the battery’s out. When laptop’s connected to a power source, the CS pushed the on/off button again, and…it worked!

We were all astonished, naturally. Everyone told me and my father that Acer is going to wear off soon, AFTER we bought the laptop. But she’s been dropped twice and she turned out fine.

So like I said, she dies hard. *damn*


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