February 24, 2009

Had my first pre-laboratory of the semester.

My experiment: Ejector
Lecturer: Mr IN

Had an appointment at 09.00.
Showed up at his lab at 08.55, no sign of Mr IN

At 09.05, Mr IN walked through the front door of his office.
Walked in through the laboratory door, took off shoes and went inside.

He motioned us to a table with 4 chairs and a white board in front of it. The two of us (me and Dd) sat down, waiting for Mr. IN. He then came, put down a folder, and was about to sit down when his hands touched the table and then…
He took a pouch of tissues from his pocket.
Took out a tissue from it, and then wiped a small (really small) area of the table.

First question:
IN: Novi…
Novi: *gulp*
IN: What is an ejector?
Novi: *exhale* An ejector is blablabla…


IN: Dianti…
IN: What are the uses of an ejector?
Dd: An ejector is used in a condenser…

And then everything went quite smoothly, until…

IN: Novi…draw a scheme of the apparatus on the white board.
Novi: *walked super confidently, having drawn the apparatus on the laboratory journal*
*started drawing a blower, a nozzle, difuser…*

IN: No, I mean the whole apparatus that you’ll be using in the experiment.
Novi: *stopped dead*
*trying to remember*
*something about a thermocouple, an orificemeter…*

And then several minutes and several questions later:
IN: Now Novi…
Novi: *okay, what now…*
IN: So, explain how you’re going to do the experiment.
Novi:First we heat up the suction fluid, and then produced a high-pressure motive fluid with a blower. We then measured temperatures of the motive fluid, suction fluid, the mixed fluid and then the discharge using a thermocouple. We also measured the velocity of those said fluids with a venturimeter, and then…
IN: Venturimeter?
The girl who wished she had not said venturimeter: *shit* I meant an orificemeter, Sir. *smiled*
IN: Okay, just now you said venturimeter. What is a venturimeter?
The girl who cannot remember what a venturimeter is: Errr…

Well, at least Mr. IN is very patient.


2.0.01 Ejector

February 23, 2009

My first laboratory experiment of this semester:

An ejector, or injector, or steam ejector or steam injector is a device used to transport fluid (the suction fluid) using the motion of another fluid (motive fluid).

So an ejector works like this: A high-pressure motive fluid is flowed through a nozzle (preferably a convergent nozzle), and the nozzle converts the pressure energy of a motive fluid into velocity energy, and a low pressure zone is created in front of the nozzle, since the motive fluid is expanded (V>>> therefore P<<<). This low pressure zone then draws in the suction fluid.

After passing through the mixing chamber of the ejector, the mixed fluid expands and the velocity is reduced, resulting in the recompression of the mixed fluid (by converting velocity energy back into pressure energy).

The motive fluid may be a liquid, steam or any other gas. The suction fluid may be a gas, a liquid, a slurry, or a dust-laden gas stream.

The diagram below depicts a typical modern ejector. It consists of a motive fluid inlet nozzle and a converging-diverging outlet nozzle.


Water, air, steam, or any other fluid at high pressure provides the motive force at the inlet. The Venturi effect, a particular case of Bernoulli’s principle, applies to the operation of this device. Fluid under high pressure is converted into a high-velocity jet at the throat of the convergent-divergent nozzle which creates a low pressure at that point. The low pressure draws the suction fluid into the convergent-divergent nozzle where it mixes with the motive fluid. In essence, the pressure energy of the inlet motive fluid is converted to kinetic energy in the form of velocity head at the throat of the convergent-divergent nozzle. As the mixed fluid then expands in the divergent diffuser, the kinetic energy is converted back to pressure energy at the diffuser outlet in accordance with Bernoulli’s principle.

A bit confused? So am I… >.<

Fall 2009 Shows

February 22, 2009

Just several things I seen and heart from the 2009 fall shows.

Let’s start with BCBG Max Azria:bcbg-max-azria-02bcbg-max-azria-03bcbg-max-azria-5


I (heart)! A belt on the waist will be nice, though

bcbg-max-azria-23bcbg-max-azria-27bcbg-max-azria-30bcbg-max-azria-31Derek Lam!



Lurve this!


derek-lam-27derek-lam-30Alice + Olivia…

alice-olivia-06alice-olivia-09Doo Ri:


Lorick!!! =)



lorick-25Then there’s Vera Wang

vera-wang-19vera-wang-28And I can’t help but really heart this look I found on Vera Wang’s website:

vera-wang-look-15And a lacey, adoring dress from Monique Lhuillier. Me likey likey… =)

monique-lhuillier-03So…which one(s) do you like best?

Headband, Anyone?

February 21, 2009

I’ve always have a thing for headbands, and Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf has made headbands even more alluring than ever.

One of the designers that made her famous headbands is Jennifer Behr.

See the pink orchid on skinny headband that Blair wore to Lilly’s wedding?

leighton_meester_300x400It was one of Jennifer Behr’s collection, shown below in neon, and it costs $225 an orchid. Quite a fortune for a headband, huh…
Plus, not every gal can pull off wearing a giant plastic orchid on her head. Unless that gal is Blair Waldorf, of course.


Blair also wore the headwrap below, a double rosette headwrap in royal purple. This one here costs $152.

jb-double-rosette-headwrap-in-royal-purple-152I heart this victorian crystal and silk satin headwrap in cream. Of course, it costs $182, but I heart it anyway.

jb-victorian-crystal-and-silk-satin-headwrap-in-cream-182This is a really plain headband, and while anyone can try convincing me to wear anything fluorescent (the shocking pink headband below is fluoro skinny headband, for $58), it’s not going to happen. EVER.

jb-fluoro-skinny-headband-in-shocking-pink-58OOOH oooh oooh… Me likey… =)
Petite crystal knot in antique crystal, $188. Not really practical to wear, but still…

jb-petite-crystal-knot-in-antique-crystal-188So…black widow? =)
Voilette headband in black, $165. Me likey…

jb-voilette-headband-in-black-165This last one is my favorite:

jb-pale-amethyst-crystal-and-satin-headwrap-228It’s a pale amethyst crystal and satin headwrap, $228.

For more headband galore, visit Jennifer Behr’s website here.

Heart It!

February 20, 2009

Whimsical, colorful, and just simply heart-capturing.

No…, I’m not talking about me. =p

I’m talking about currently-Yogyakarta-based Ms. Ayang Cempaka’s handmade bags, totes, and wallets. She posted pictures of her crafts at her website.

Look at this bag for example:

bagI absolutely love the color, and the stitchings are simple, but intricate enough that creates a simple bag, yet not too simple that it’s plain.

And here’s another type of bags called Totesacs. They’re nice, but I must admit I was kind of baffled when I found of that I have to pay $59 to own one of these.


Love the color combo


I (heart) white bags...esp this one ^^

I (heart) white bags...esp this one ^^

Of course, there some of her products that I don’t like:pink-turquoise-cowmoo-tote-45That is the Pink-Turquoise CowMoo tote, at $45 a cow. While I might consider getting the tote with bird applique below for the same price of $45, I did not even think to intend to purchase the CowMoo (Maksudnya, no offense, tapiii empat ratus lima puluh ribu?).
IDR544500 sih sebenarnya berhubung rate hari ini IDR12100.


Me likey!

Me likey!

The tote with bird applique is actually brown, not gray. It’s something about the lightning… =p

Anyhoo…I love this one best:




It’s called cocoHobo, it’s a custom-made gift for her future mother-in-law, so it’s not for sale. *damn*

There might things that I miss, or things that’s not really my cup of tea but you might like, so check out the website. (Click here)

Love at First Sight

February 19, 2009

It was love at first sight.

I was shopping for shoes with Ms. Astri, when I saw something that made my heart skipped a beat.

*hiperbola abis* LOL

Anyway…this is the object that caught my heart:

Pink Clutch

Pink Clutch

It’s pink, it’s trimmed with brown suede, its material is soft, and IT HAS A BOW ON IT!

I think it was the bow that got into me. 😀

For IDR198000, it’s a good splurge. The thing is I have no use for it, so I reluctantly say goodbye to it. >.<


February 17, 2009

*Please understand if the contents of this post is…what’s the word…weird? I just had an equally weird day.*

You know Forrest Gump?

I named the latest addition to my boudoir, a Basset hound, Forrest. Forrest Wijaya.

011Well, see? He looks dumb (I decided it’s a male Basset hound). Those teary eyes; those stupid, teary eyes…

I adopted him from Riau Junction a couple of days ago. He had spent the last two nights somewhere on my bed, and in the mornings he was always on the floor. I wonder if he was making a run for it… But that’s impossible. Forrest couldn’t find another owner better than me, right?
Besides, he can never open the door. How is he ever going to reach the door handle? =p

021Then the other day, when I just got home, the dog was nowhere in plain sight. Then I looked closer, and found him hiding behind the pillows. Like I said, he’s not so bright.

“I can see you from here, Forrest…”
*dog whimpers*



The tag is still attached to his left ear


Forrest and the pink piggy

Ah! The pink piggy by the name Viola. I now have four dolls in my room, and every one of them is a freebie. =p

I got this weird green deer from Timezone. You know, from the doll-catching machine.


Hans the weird green deer, named after Hans Christian Andersen.

And there’s the pink piggy with the pink ribbon.



After the pink piggy, I got a blue hippopotamus, also from the machine in Timezone.


Rina the blue hippopotamus

Gosh, I’m such a cheapskate. =p