My Abstract Painting

January 30, 2009

I bought a painting by numbers about a year ago. I went on it for about a week, then I discarded it at the bottom of my piles of work (by piles of work, I meant piles of unsorted papers that filled my desk).

I fished the painting out yesterday and finished it.

I guessed you all can imagine what type of procrastinator I am.

See, this is how the painting is supposed to look like:


The image on the back

And this is my baby:

My Baby <3

My Baby ❤

Well, it’s not perfect. It’s not even good, but it’s mine. =)


4 Responses to “My Abstract Painting”

  1. Wah, bagus kok Nov hasilnya ^^

    Yang berikutnya di atas kanvas dong? ^^

  2. Vie Says:

    haha…makasih, leo
    hemmm…ini karna udah dikasitau catnya pake warna apa, dan ada batasannya
    udah kek buku mewarnai anak-anak…haha…bedanya pake kuas dan akrilik

  3. Edo R. Jallil Says:

    gambar asli nya yg atas ato yg bwah??

  4. Vie Says:

    yang atas
    yang bawah itu hasil karya gw

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