Stamp’s “Finest”

January 29, 2009

Twas a girls’ day out!

First we had brunch @ Ini Teh Kopi, then shopping!!!

Of course, I only went shopping because Astri here asked me to accompany her. As a good friend, I simply must comply, right? 😛

Well, first we went to Kuyagaya and checked some cute but questionable bags. Cute, because it is cute, and questionable, because the fabric is canvass (I think) that will broke after a week of two if it is either Astri or me who use the bag. Since, you know, we tend to overstuff our bags, as my friend here agree herself by her saying, and I quote, “Kalo gw bisa bawa rumah ke kampus, gw bawa rumah ke kampus”. LOL

Anyway, then we went to Stamp. It’s not really my cup of tea, but it’s not bad. I went around, and found Ms. Obadja and Ms. Lugito sitting on a bench in the (so-I-called-it) luxe area. It’s the area where the bags, the shoes, the clothes, the accesories are more expensive than those at other areas of the outlet. Even the air would be pricier, I imagine. =)

I searched through one of the racks and laughed. See, I found this:

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

Then I went through other racks again, and found something that made me laughed even harder:

Exhibit B

Exhibit B

The look on Ms. Pradiptaningtyas’ face is priceless. =p

My question: Which sane person is gonna want to buy one of those two?

After that, I just couldn’t looked through another rack of clothes, for who knows what horror awaits there. XD


2 Responses to “Stamp’s “Finest””

  1. astri Says:

    oh novi, the dress you gave to me is so iiiiyuuuhh (cinta laura’s style)

  2. Vie Says:

    haha…that’s the idea

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