What A Sackdress Is

December 25, 2008

Nesia Obadja (in yellow dress) and Vie

Nesia Obadja (in yellow dress) and Vie

That wasn’t a sackdress.

People kept calling it “sackdress”, when it’s not, and it bothers me.

The yellow dress is a spaghetti-strapped mini dress.
It has two straps, one on each shoulders.

Now, a sackdress is actually made from sacks.

The trend started at 1959 when Dorothy Overall (yes, that’s right, her last name is Overall) won second place at the National Cotton Bag Sewing Contest. American women had long fashioned clothes from the cotton bags used as packaging for flour, meal, and animal feed.
“My mother used to make things out of sugar sacks,” recalled Overall, who lived on a Kansas wheat farm. “Even underwear. About everything they could buy that was savable, they used.”
By the 1940s, manufacturers even began to print sacks in attractive colors and patterns. “There were all kinds of prints, of every description, of most any color-striped, flowered, animal patterns, dotted, even plaid,” said Overall. “If my husband bought the feed, it didn’t usually suit me. He’d buy the first thing he saw. I usually took charge of buying the feed sacks.” The custom disappeared in the 1960s, as paper and plastic packaging replaced cotton sacks.


A sack dress

A sack dress

So you see, a sack dress is ACTUALLY made from a sack, where as the nice yellow mini dress that Ms. Obadja wore couldn’t possibly be made from sack. =p


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