What Would Happen Should I Enroll In Electrical Engineering?

December 6, 2008

Electronic things tend to break. They wore out in due time, they fell and some of their parts broke, they got a splash of water and broke, etc etc.

With me, they mysteriously went out of order. Especially of late.

First there’s Eugenie, the bitchy Laptop of mine.
She’s broken down a couple times, because of viruses, and twice I had to take her to the service center. One of which cost quite a lot of money.

Then there’s my water heater.
You know, the electric pot used to heat water, to make coffee or tea or dilute condensed milk. One day, out of the blue, the cable of my heater just snapped off. It just parted from the heater, just like that. I never yanked the cable on any occasion, but there it just went out, and I only stared at it for a couple of seconds before recovering myself; the severed cable, now showing it’s two strands of copper wires and their blue and green coating.

Then there was my printer.
It was minor, and happened about a year ago, but still, it had gone on strike once.

My Nikon coolpix 4300.
I was always extra careful with coolpix, both before my sister bought her own camera and so we shared coolpix, and after she bought her cool camera and gave this one to me for my own use. I never dropped it, I always kept it in its pouch, so WHY??
*deep breath*
One day, out of nowhere, it just won’t start. I thought the battery might be exhausted, so I recharged the battery and tried again. Still nothing.

My mp3 player, is the latest in my list called “The Electronic Devices I’ve Broke”.
Granted, I’ve dropped this thing for who knows how many times, and I got it in highschool, so it’s a long time ago XD
I was listening to it when suddenly it turned off on its own. I turned it on again, but after a few minutes it turned itself off again. I turned it on again, so on, until on time it wouldn’t start at all.

Thank Goodness my cell phones are never broken.
Well, of course, there was the Nokia 6020 that was almost retired but got stolen before I got a chance to sell it. So I bought a new one, and am crossing my fingers that this one live a long life. =)

I wonder whatever would happen should I enroll in electrical engineering…


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