Goodbye Labtek

November 25, 2008

The alarm in my cellphone went off. I stopped it, and turned back to sleep.

The alarm clock I put on my desk went off. I got out from under the blanket, walked towards the desk, turned the alarm off, and went back to sleep.

Realised that if I went to sleep again I’ll wake up sometime at 10 am and would’ve missed my instructional laboratory. Hence I got up, went to the bathroom and turned on the water heater. Hot water started pouring. Meanwhile…, I went back to sleep.

Took a bath and in the mean time, put instant noodle into a pan of water and heated it. See, women are good at multi-tasking. =)

Finished bath, finished cooking noodle, sat down in my room and had my full-of-monosodium-glutamate breakfast.

Headed out from my residence to campus, for my 8 o’clock class. (Hey, I’m in Indonesia XD)

Finally the class ended. Headed towards the laboratories at labtek X.

Start calling my partner.

Wrote the temperature and pressure down, and there is my partner! Filled down the attendance list.

Took the elevator to the 3rd floor, to the microbiology laboratory.

The water bath is already on, the water is heating at 30 degrees. Things are looking up.

The assistant showed up.

Took the inoculated broth from the shaker. Started inserting the magnet into the broth (actually, it was Mr. Komar who did this. Thanks again, pak ^^). The magnet was dipped in alcohol and then burned, and it caused a hell of a fire (like the show where the man spews liquid -assumably alcohol- to a fire and then the fire dispersed. Or something like that).

Started fussing about labels on the tubes.

The group that will do this experiment after us showed up, to see what they’re doing next week. My partner explained the methods of the experiment etc, while the water bath is being heated.

The water is finally 50 degrees and we’re taking the first sample. The pump somehow was reversed and so instead of sucking the inoculated broth and then discharging it into the tubes, it sucked air and discharged it into the broth. Man…

Still haven’t found the grids on the counting chamber.

Started hating Petroff and Hauser for finding the counting chambers. Counting chambers must be Petroff and Hausser’s way of torturing undergraduate chemical engineering. Or any other person who have to squint one eye to see the obscurely sketched lines.

Broke my first cover slip of the day.

Broke my second cover slip. Come on, anyone who’ve used a cover slip and a counting chamber before, knows just how fragile this thing are.

Broke the third goddamned cover slip. Called for Help. Help said that tomorrow Friend will bring me the cover slips.

Broke yet another, and that left me one. Called Help again:
Help: What’s the matter, nov? (Kenapa nov?)
Me: Emmm…didn’t Friend bring the cover slips today? (Emmm…si Friend ga bawa kaca tutupnya hari ini ya?)
Help: Wait a second. *indistinct talking in the background* (Bentar. *suara ngomong di belakang*)
*thanks for the moral support, that someone in the background…*

Thanks to Mr. Komar (again) who were very patient with my whining, and got all the way to find us the right microscope, our experiment has taken off with a speed that will make my mother proud (nah, apa hubungannya dengan nyokap gw coba).

Help came with a box of cover slips, @50. Okay, I am a klutz. But…50. Really?
*again, thanks to Mr Edwin Wibisono for buying the slips =) also Mr Kevin Marvin and Mr Hanung for understanding my knack of breaking glassware*

Went to lunch. Was actually eating with a friend, who then left his chair for one moment. At that moment, a couple of my juniors passed by. Every single one looked at me, and one had the nerve to comment, “Poor you, eating alone.”
Wait and see, kids, wait and see. Wait until you meet the term ‘instructional laboratory’.
Just wait and see. *evil laugh*

Finished the batch process, and waited for the water bath to cool from 80 to 50 degrees, which took like …forever.

Filled the attendance list. Found out about the fiesta that happened at the laboratory on the ground floor.  My friend’s group broke a total of 2 thermometers, 1 volumetric pipette, 1 stirring rod and I think -if not mistaken- one other thing. Laughed at my unfortunate friend for her unfortunate day.

Got my karma.
Was holding four or five test tubes to wash and one of them slipped, fell to the hard, cold floor, and disintegrated into pieces of pyrex.

Went home.
Bubye labtek… =)


3 Responses to “Goodbye Labtek”

  1. Mr.Hanung Says:

    Postingan yang bagus dan menyegarkan mata dikala mengedit tugas nano malam hari…. saya terima ucapan thx nya… btw keknya someone dibalik telepon itu gw juga deh… hahahaha

  2. Vie Says:

    Nung, masa waktu gw bilang, “Bukan salah gw, emang kaca tutup itu rapuh banget”, si Edwin ama Bram langsung teriak, “BUKAN SALAH LO, SALAH SIAPA!?”

  3. rinalie Says:

    Nov, ironis sekali.. Tabung reaksi yang lu tpecahin itu. Lu nitip belinya ke orang yang lu ketawain y for her hell-day kalo ga salah??

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