The Theory of Trial-and-Error

October 26, 2008

Anyone expecting to read a scientific post about a mathematical method, you got the wrong blog. 😛

During my undergraduate study (which is still ongoing), I’ve met a lot new characters. A lot of them are nice, some are quirky, some are self-centered, some are irresponsible, some are easy-going, some are TOO easy-going, some are over-sensitive, but everyone is unique.

Of course.

And then there’re the behavioural patterns. There’s the bossy ones, and the ones always being bossed around. The ones who trash-talk others like there’s nothing he/she would better do. Those who gossip (like moi :P). Those who study from sun rise to sun set (a bit of exaggeration, but yes, there are some VERY diligent people), and those who study a day before exams. And then there’s the people who think negatively about others without looking into the mirror once. This type usually thinks that the world is conspiring against him/her somehow, while all along it was his/her way of thinking that is too shallow, too narrow.

THEN, there’re the ones who practice trial-and-error, in their love life.

The theory is this:
Let’s say you’re a guy. You approached a girl with romantic intentions, or as we say it, ‘pdkt’. The probability that she returns the feeling is 50%. But the probability that she doesn’t is the other 50% (assuming that it’s a 50-50 chance; but of course, it’s emotional, so in reality it’s not always 50-50). But say you approached 2 girls at the same time. The probability of you being accepted just went up to 66,6%.

Ah, see where I’m going?

The more you try, the higher the probability of your success is. Just like in old, simple trial-and-error method. When trial 1 failed, you tried again. The second trial failed, you tried again.

And in some cases, yet again. And again, and again, and again until the goal is reached. I give that sort of person two thumbs up for persistence and will power, although some people’s persistence isn’t going to pay up until doomsday.  XD

I’ve met some guys who practice this kind of approach. I’m not saying that girls don’t do this, but I don’t know any girls who do so. I personally dubbed this type of guy a “desperado”. *lol*
A guy once ‘liked’ one of my friends. He ‘tried’. It went error (it was more “ERROR!!!” XD). Then he went and conducted another ‘trial’ on my other friend. Of course, this time it went even more error than the first time.

I’m sorry if any of you guys thought I’m writing about you and got offended, but it’s the truth. And MAYBE, just maybe, I AM writing about you. 😛


7 Responses to “The Theory of Trial-and-Error”

  1. JNT Says:

    I love the way u shout it out!
    hehehe.. =)

  2. Very nice ^^ , it’s a direct hit, hahaha…

  3. Alfonso R. Says:

    I’ve got feelings I know who you’re talking about…

  4. astri Says:


    an old theory same old story about a boy who’s still around us


  5. Vie Says:

    betul sekali, astri,,

    siapa, dri?

  6. triple d Says:

    nice… in tk maybe there are some people O.o ho…ho…ho

  7. Alfonso R. Says:

    don’t wanna put the spoiler here… hehehe

    boleh2lah usahanya… harus dihargai biar bagaimanapun juga…

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